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 From Macguires Punt to Greater Shepparton - 150 Years of Proud Community Development
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In the early 1850’s one Paddy Macguire – an Irishman, established a punt or a crossing place on the Goulburn River to allow travellers to cross the Goulburn as they moved east from the Bendigo and Ballarat gold fields.  The punt was located on the bank of the Goulburn River just across from the present day Shepparton Police Station at the corner of High and Welsford Streets.  In those days the Goulburn River ran along the west-side of Welsford Street, but as we know, the course of the river was changed in the 1970’s to allow an additional roadway connection through to High Street. The first building in Shepparton was Paddy Macguire’s punt and punt house.  It was sold to a Mr John Hill in 1853 who converted it into a hotel – the Emu Bush Inn. The Goulburn River crossing place was simply known to one and all as “Macguire s Punt” and from 1853 to 1870 the name Macguire’s Punt was the name shown on most documents – particularly Government records. The fledgling township was expanding and the area was growing in recognition as a fertile area for settlement.  The name "Shepparton" gradually came into use from about 1855, with various documents using the words "Shepparton” or the alternative “Macguire’s Punt” (or both).  Along the way there were some other variations to the name. Early pioneers often called the town “Sheppard town” or “Sheppardton” after Sherbourne Sheppard the early squatter who occupied the "Tallygaroopna" Sheep Run.  As time went by the small township continued to develop and gradually assumed the name “Shepparton”. The Shepparton Township Reserve was proclaimed by the Governor of Victoria in the Gazette of the 28th September 1860. Shepparton separated from the vast Shire of Echuca in 1879 and Gazetted as the Shire of Shepparton.  Ongoing development resulted in the creation of  the Borough of Shepparton in 1927.  The City of Shepparton was created on 16th March 1949 and Cr. Andrew Fairley (Later Sir Andrew Fairley) was elected as the inaugural Mayor. Victorian Council Amalgamations resulted in the formation of the Greater Shepparton City Council on 18th November 1994 covering an area of 2,500 KM and a population of 62,00 residents.  The inaugural Greater Shepparton City Council was elected in March 1997 and Cr. Bruce Wilson was elected the inaugural Mayor. The 150 year period, 1860 to 2010 saw Shepparton grow from a simple river crossing (Macguire’s Punt)  with a population of 30 people, into a thriving regional city recognised nationally and internationally for its industrial and community leadership. Our 2010 community celebrations, activities and events looked back on Shepparton’s history and provided an opportunity to focus on a great future. 
150 Years