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 Water: the vital element 150 YEARS OF SHEPPARTON’S PROGRESS
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About this book This book is a reflection of Shepparton’s progress through 150 years since its gazettal as a humble hamlet of 30 people in 1860. Its flowing narrative, punctuated with anecdotes and stories, connects the 15 decades of its relentless march to major provincial town status, and highlights the interesting facets of the town’s growth. Water – and therein the virtues of the Goulburn River catchment – was selected as the theme  for the story because without this “liquid gold” many of the historical and vital advances made by Shepparton simply would not have transpired. This is not a history book in the pure sense but, rather, a book of history. It does not chronicle all of the facts and figures and notable individuals, but is more of a connection of many of the happenings and people that made for a prodigious townWater: the Vital Element, was launched on 28th September 2010 and is currently available from at the Shepparton Visitor Information Centre near Victoria Park Lake. Further information from:
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